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Plasticity and Online Tone Generator now work in Firefox and Chrome

I have just uploaded new versions of Plasticity – my audio training game which may also alleviate tinnitus – and my increasingly popular Online Tone Generator – a handy tool for those times when you need your speakers to produce a specific frequency, and nothing else. The current versions use the HTML5 Web Audio API and have been tested to work on Chrome 33 and Firefox 28, at least on Windows. (They might also work on recent versions of other browsers – it’s worth a try.) Enjoy!

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  • dasdasds

    🙂 thank you man

  • Andrea White

    Tomasz – Just started using Plasticity for pure tone Tinnitus. Although careful with the volume, I felt my T had become louder as a result – It might just be that it would have done anyway as the intensity changes from time to time. Has this effect featured in the feedback you’ve had? and do you think it is safe to go back and try again?


    • Tomasz

      No, I’ve never heard of tinnitus getting louder after a Plasticity session. Are you sure you’re using the correct tinnitus frequency?

  • Leonid

    Hello !
    How can I save fom sound to wav-file ?
    Thank you !

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