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How to tie your shoelaces securely

Back in my high school days, I had constant problems with my shoelaces coming undone. I was always having to stop and tie them, sometimes several times a day. Then I discovered Ian’s Secure Knot. It took me 10 minutes to learn (it’s really simple, once you get past the initial difficulty of translating diagrams into hand movements) and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve been using Ian’s Secure Knot for over ten years and (I swear I’m not exaggerating) I haven’t had my shoelaces come undone once. As far as I’m concerned, this knot provides military-grade security for your shoes. It looks great, too!

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  • swimjenswim

    Oh, the beauty of symmetry. Practical and aesthetically pleasing!

  • Jorge

    This is really helpful, thanks for sharing it!

  • equito

    I found that site about 4 years ago, looking for a more secure knot for shoelaces. Since then I’ve been using that same knot on all my shoes. I only tie them once when I buy them, and never again. It’s amazing how effective it is, being merely a simmetric version of the usual knot.

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